(possible)Pie in face. (unsweetened please)

from Johanna first comment in the David Healy post about Type 2 Diabetes:

“American Diabetes Association Calls for Independent Review of Incretin Therapy”
Alexandria, VA June 10, 2013
(American Diabetes Association)
Asks Pharmaceutical Companies to Make Patient Level Data Available

“The American Diabetes Association (the Association) is asking all pharmaceutical companies involved in the development or marketing of incretin-based medications, used to lower blood glucose levels, to make patient-level data on their products available for an independent review that could help settle the question of whether such therapies contribute to the development of pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer.”

“To provide clarity for patients and health care providers in this controversial area, the Association is proposing that an independent review of available clinical and pathologic data be conducted. Toward this end, the Association is calling on all pharmaceutical companies with incretin therapies in development or currently marketed to make patient-level data available on all subjects involved in regulatory trials for an independent analysis. The Association proposes to release a call for applications from academic and research organizations capable of integrating large experimental databases to illuminate the potential role of incretin therapy in pancreatic pathology.”

“ADA’s Ratner: We Expect Patient Level Data From All Drugmakers”
Posted Tue, 06/18/2013 – 10:57am by Ed Silverman-Pharmalive

Could any “spin” be placed there?
So maybe this is a wait and see pie in face.

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