“Big pharma mobilising patients in battle over drugs trials data”

“Some who oppose full disclosure of data fear that publishing the information could reveal trade secrets, put patient privacy at risk, and be distorted by scientists’ own conflicts of interest. While many of the concerns are valid, critics say they can be addressed, and that openness is far more important for patient safety.”

Shh..trade $ecrets:

“I’m a patient advocate for patient safety!”

“Mobilising patient adavacy groups against the unclean masses attempting to breach the Great Paywall of Pharma.”

Why not link the “trade secrets” to the “patient advacacy groups” in the public arena?

Sunshine as a disinfectant and RUC:

“Pharma companies must distance themselves from their trade bodies’ leaked strategy”

“GSK and Roche have distanced themselves from the industry bodies’ strategy, according to the Guardian article. Tracey Brown from Sense About Science, a co-founder of AllTrials, said “We now have the prospect of really significant developments to end the secrecy and make clinical trial reporting a practical reality and, finally, some sound commitments from parts of industry. In this context, the industry associations’ strategy to get others to raise further spurious problems is backward. It should embarrass anyone associated with it. I would say to the individual companies that they should publicly distance themselves from any association with EFPIA and PhRMA’s strategy now.”

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