“”Gynaecology for Anxious Patients” & Puppetology (1973)”

Scarfolk Council
“Puppets and marionettes were frequently used in 1970s healthcare. For example, at Scarfolk Hospital & Confectioners, electro-shock therapy was administered by ventriloquist dummies. Even Scarfolk Council’s very own Barbara, the omphalophobic hand puppet, performed amateur lobotomies on disobedient children and undesirable tourists in her weekend hobby group.”

“We Won’t Forget. So You Can’t” (1973)
“All this information was subcontracted to a consortium of corporations called RIMPS that used the data to exploit citizens’ psychological weaknesses and/or blackmail them into acts of personal depravity for entertainment. These acts were televised and had viewing figures of millions per broadcast. Many people became household names as shame and celebrity became synonymous.”

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