“Who Needs Who”

Thursday, August 1, 2013 Psych Practice

Note the numbers.

“doubt even here…” 1BOM Tuesday 30 July 2013
recent bribe charges GSK China

Pharmageddon-David Healy
“Against this background, discussions of conflict of interest and ghostwriting, while important, only scratch the surface. We need to ask whether faith in controlled trials when we are not allowed to see the data from those trials can protect us against the biases introduced by commerce. Whether making drugs available on prescription-only status is appropriate in an age of blockbuster drugs. Whether the basis on which we now permit drugs to be patented is delivering the benefits to society that patents were originally designed to provide. As I will argue, every assault on industry paradoxically has instead reinforced the apparent need for controlled trials, prescription-only privileges, product patents, and further regulatory arrangements, and together these have bound the medical profession and government even tighter to the pharmaceutical industry. These are changes that among them laid the basis for companies to create blockbusters, and as long as these changes remain unquestioned, industry is happy to settle back on the ropes and take a pounding…”

I have to wonder if the root is the NIH during the structural changes post WW2.

Humira in Ulcerative Colitis David Healy July 29, 2013
“Editorial Note: I have to thank Ken Spriggs for pointing out the Humira in Ulcerative Colitis Review site. For anyone interested in AbbVie-ing and in Humira this site offers some sobering reading.”

#AbbVie-ing is the opposite of boycotting in this model everyone gets to see the adverse effects and compair that with their own experience with a drug. Rxisk is performing a function that the FDA should be performing.

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