“Standards bodies explain why they think the law should be copyrighted and paywalled”

Boing Boing Cory Doctorow
9:41 am Thu, Aug 8, 2013
“Public Resource is being sued for publishing building standards that the public is legally required to follow. These standards were developed by private-sector industry bodies who make millions off of access fees charged to the public. In other words, a large block of American law is privately owned, secret, and accessible only for a fee. Three Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) are suing and they’ve released a statement to the media explaining why the law should not be free for all.”

“‘…What little information we have about the old times, the pittance of data which the Butlerians left us, Korba has brought it for you. Start with the Genghis Khan.’ ‘Ghenghis . . . Khan? Was he of the Sardaukar, m’Lord?’ ‘Oh, long before that. He killed . . . perhaps four million.’ ‘He must’ve had formidable weaponry to kill that many, Sire. Lasbeams, perhaps, or . . .’ ‘He didn’t kill them himself, Stil. He killed the way I kill, by sending out his legions. There’s another emperor I want you to note in passing–a Hitler. He killed more than six million. Pretty good for those days.’ ‘Killed . . . by his legions?’ Stilgar asked. ‘Yes.’ ‘Not very impressive statistics, m’Lord.’ ”
Dune Messiah-Frank Herbert

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