“Five Creepiest Advances in Artificial Intelligence”

From Learning Mind:

“Supercomputer with imagination

Among the many projects by the Google company, which, without a doubt, one day will put an end to our civilization, there is one project that stands out: a self-learning computer with a neural network simulation system.

In an experiment, this supercomputer was given free access to the Internet and the ability to examine the contents of the network. There were no restrictions or guidelines, the powerful super intelligence was simply allowed to explore the entire human history and experience. And what do you think this supercomputer has chosen out of all this wealth of information? It began browsing though images of kittens.

Yes, as it turned out, we all use the Internet the same way, no matter who we are, human beings or high-tech digital intelligence. A little later, Google has discovered that the computer has even developed its own concept of what a kitten should look like by independently generating the image with an analogue to our cerebral cortex and based on a review of photographs seeing earlier.”

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