COI carried forward

HEW was created in a Cold War climate, Eisenhower must have felt pressured to react to external forces with an mitigating counter force. This would be extreme. HSR was concealed with terminology and called “an investigation”. This brought in another element, an unusual combination that creates problems that continues to this day.,_Education,_and_Welfare
Here’s the precept: A democracy is quite easy to topple, a managed democracy can adapt to external pressures much easier.In this managed democracy you absolutely must govern fairly, if not you risk coruption that could become cyclidically worse. This system is static, I get the feeling we need a more dynamic system that seperates those two elements mentioned above during more peaceful times.

The second theoretical reform for healthcare and HSR.The National Resarch Act-it seems like IRBs really don’t work,except for matters of secrecy? Is there an alternative?

Our current state?
“Curly fries, a Pronto Pup, or the maximal tolerated dose of our experimental antipsychotic drugs?”-Carl Elliot Medium:

So I suppose we could consider the State Fair as a positive gain agricultural intrest?

State Fair theme song?

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