“Technology and Suicide”

Maria Bradshaw September 7, 2013 Mad in America
“Now I don’t know if I’m alone with this but I have a picture of a huddle of earnest and slightly nervous psychiatrists (I believe the correct technical term is ‘a pomposity of psychiatrists’) tentatively poking laptops and mobile phones with pointed sticks, then quickly immersing them in buckets of water to ensure they are dead.

Some psychiatrists are able to push through their fear of the interweb thingy and handheld cellular sexting and gambling devices in the pursuit of the dollars to be had from the development of e-therapy via the internet and mobile phone.”

A pod of dishevaled neuroscientists in search of BRAIN grant money:
from NightofTheLivingDead wiki

“Legal and ethical challenges in telepsychiatry.
Hyler SE, Gangure DP.

NYS Office of Mental Health, NY, USA.

Telepsychiatry in the 21st century poses a wide range of legal and ethical challenges. The authors review issues related to licensure, credentialing, privacy, security, confidentiality, informed consent, and professional liability in the use of telepsychiatry services and illustrate the discussion with hypothetical clinical vignettes. It is clear that there will be a need in the immediate future to create legal instruments as well as formal professional ethical guidelines for the practice of telepsychiatry.”

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