“Corporate Greed Is Not The Problem”

looking at the state of things in a new light
Posted on September 17, 2013
Reblog from Ethics beyond compliance:

“When progressives argue that corporate greed leads to great evil, they may be correct, but they make it too easy for conservatives to simply point out all the innovation and convenience the profit motive has produced. When we argue against slavery, however, we force conservatives to either defend slavery or admit that the industry must be reformed in one way or another.”

By falling into the bipartisan polarity argument we’ve lost the battle before it even starts. By taking on a common enemey like slavery or possibly in the case of clinical trials-human trafficking the progressives and conservatives can work together.

A divided country can’t possibly fight against the really rotten things around us.

If we don’t try to learn, understand and respect “the other guys” then nothing…..

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